1. Is Laser Therapy Safe?
Class IV laser therapy is extremely safe and all that is usually felt is a mild warming sensation. Plus safety glasses and all safety considerations are in place before therapy starts.

2. Is Laser Therapy scientifically well documented?
Class IV laser therapy has hundreds of scientific tests, documents, and studies done. It is the most dependable and result producing of all therapies.

3. Does Laser Therapy cause cancer in the tissue?
Since there is no ionizing radiation, the chances of ever producing a cancer is reduced to the absolute minimum.

4. How long does each treatment take?
Class IV laser is nearly 5x faster than Class III or cold laser. Plus, the results from Class IV laser only take a few minutes to get the maximum effect.

5. How often should I be treated?
Based on the history, severity of your specific condition and findings, a treatment protocol will be established for your quickest results.

6. How long before the results are felt?
This is the beauty of Class IV laser. Many patients report results after the first visit. Of course, everyone’s condition varies, but results are often quickly felt.